Dispensary’s 2015-2016 Report to the Community

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3The Montréal Diet Dispensary held its Annual General Assembly last Tuesday June 14th.

Our executive director, Jackie Demers, and our president Marie Christine Lemerise presented the 2015-2016 annual report which showed the birth and the beginnings of the Dispensary’s new plan of action.

Becauseof an important decrease in our funding sources, we had to make do with less personnel but were able to follow up and support 1200 expectant mothers in need, which is 300 less than in the previous years.

The Dispensary is starting up again on new foundations: having become, among other things, a member of the OLO Fondation which it had given rise to.  It initiated new collaborations with the community and corporate milieu hoping to broaden its expertise in perinatal and social nutrition.  During the up coming year, the Dispensary is giving itself the means to strive forward by adding the services of three new employees, a nutritionist, a coordinator for family services and a finance and communications coordinator.  A nutritionist on maternity leave has also been replaced.  More information on this can be found on our tabTeam.

The Dispensary also invites you to consult its Report to the Community 2015-2016 (soon available) and its Financial Report.  See tab Publications.

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