Services to Families

For pregnant women in need and their families.

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You are pregnant and are having limited income or are currently in a precarious situation? You could take advantage of our social nutrition services, without limitation based on your status.

To register, simply call 514-937-5375 or fill out the web form available in the contact page « Contact us » .

We will call you back to proceed with your registration either by phone or to make an appointment.

Prepare before you call

To prepare, keep track of your children’s birth weight (if you already have children!), as well as your pre-pregnancy weight and your weight at the time of the call. We will also ask you questions about your health and your sources of income.


You will meet regularly with a nutritionist durint your pregnancy and until you child is close to 6 months. She will guide you in making the right choices for your child to be born healthy but also towards different resources that might support you and your family based on your needs (healthcare, food banks, community services, etc.).

If needed, our lactation and perinatal care consultant will also meet with you to prepare of support you with your breastfeeding experience and our social and community worker will help you identify and reach to services that might be helping in your situation.


We sometimes offer our personalized support to small groups. When you register, you will be explained the services offered at this time.


Beyond the personalized support, you will receive vouchers to buy some milk and eggs provided by the Fondation Olo.
You could also receive minerals and vitamins supplements, foods and some essentials to care for you and your baby, according to your needs and availability of these.


Many group workshops are offered covering information about your pregnancy, delivery, health of your newborn or nutrition.

Ateliers sur l'alimentation de la femme enceinte

  • "Good breastfeeding" workshop
    Introduction to the advantages of breastfeeding, how to prepare for it, what to eat in order to have a good milk supply, how to evaluate the satiety of babies, etc.
  • Breastfeeding positions
    Different breastfeeding positions, how to put the baby to the breast, how to prevent or solve various breastfeeding problems.
  • Healthy cooking
    How to prepare tasty and healthy meals with a limited budget? Let’s talk about it and get to work!
  • Eating well and getting into shape after pregnancy
    What to eat and how to plan healthy meals? Also, exercises to do with baby.
  • Baby's first foods
    When should baby start eating, what foods and in what order? How should baby food be prepared and stored? How should baby be offered food and in what quantity?
  • Feeding babies from 1 to 5 years of age
    What foods do children need and in what quantities? What to do if the child refuses a certain food or always eats the same foods or eats very little?
  • Healthy pregnancy
    What are the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and what are the stages of development of the baby? What exercises help to relieve discomfort?
  • Preparation for childbirth
    How do the bodies of the mother and the baby react before, during and after childbirth? How to best prepare for birth through exercise and relaxation techniques, etc.? What are the options and rights at the moment of birth?
  • Birth of the baby and baby care
    what to buy for the baby (furniture, equipment, clothes, cleaning products)? How to bathe a baby? How to know when the baby is ill?

Consult the calendar of group activities for families


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