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Since 1922, the Dispensary has established a list of essential food items that meet, at minimum cost, the nutritional needs of every individual: this is called the Nutritious Food Basket. Its contents are regularly revised to meet new dietary recommendations and to take into account changes in eating habits. The cost of the Nutritious Food Basket is updated three times a year.

The following tools help to provide the information needed to evaluate the financial situation of the Dispensary’s clientele. They are also useful for professionals that work in public health.

Cost of the Nutritious Food Basket

What do you think is the minimum cost per day to feed one person these days?

Guide Eating Well at Low Cost

This guide will help you determine the amount that should be allowed to each food category.

Cost of goods and services for basic needs

The Dispensary establishes the cost of goods and services for basic needs yearly.


Nurturing life is distinguished by its content and resources, from pregnancy to infancy, along with the Dispensary's practical experience.
The Public Health Agency of Canada contributed financially to this initiative to make it available to Quebec community workers in the perinatal field.


Online trainings

Case studies

Video clips

Scientific bulletins



The Dispensary participates in different coordination bodies, work and consultation groups.

This recent coordinating body, in the Peter-McGill district, for children 0-5 years of age, is presently putting together an ambitious action plan to mobilize stakeholders in the west end of Montreal around a family centered approach. The Dispensary is a member of this body in addition to offering services and participating actively in the coordinating group.
SAM is a committee focused on the implementation of a development plan for a fair and durable food system and in the Greater Montreal area and was launched by the Conférence des élus (CRÉ) of Montreal. About twenty different organizations and local, regional and national institutions interact with all the stakeholders in the food system with the objective, for 2025, that each citizen on the island of Montreal will have access to a variety of healthy food, both easily available and affordable.
This Board is a citizen movement that aims to reduce society’s dependence on food aid, food insecurity, and the isolation caused by poverty. The Dispensary recently joined this table and wishes to contribute to the thinking on food solidarity – thinking that must take into account the social, economical and political dimensions of the organization of the food system.


  • Workshops for your participants
  • Training workshops or continuing education for your members or workers
  • Support for developing resources or professional reviews for material related to our field of expertise