Work plan for cooking workshop on fish

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Fish is rich in essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy. At the Dispensary, we encourage the consumption of 300 g of fish per week as it contains proteins and omega-3 which are essential for the good development brain and nervous system of the fetus. This work plan is designed to teach pregnant women how to cook fish in order to encourage its consumption.

This workshop is designed to last for 2 hours and contains 6 recipes using 6 different fresh or canned fishes

The objectives are:

  • To initiate the pregnant woman on the benefit of fish consumption during pregnancy.
  • To use a variety of fishes through simple, healthy and balanced recipes.
  • To develop the culinary skills required to cook  fish, and doing so using the adequate sanitary methods and a low budget.

Click on the link below for the English version: Work plan for English cooking workshop on fish

In collaboration with the Dispensary workers

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