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Several of the Dispensary’s publications, originally conceived for assessing the financial situation of women seeking help from the Dispensary, and to help them shop wisely to feed their families, are available for the public. Whether you are a health professional looking to provide helpful food shopping information to your clientele, or you are just looking for ideas to eat well at a lower cost,simply click on the following documents!

  • The Nutritious Food Basked. A list of recommended foods and amounts which meet, at minimum cost, the nutritional needs of all ages. Its contents are periodically revised to adjust for current dietary recommendations and changes in eating habits. Its cost is updated three times a year.   What do you think is the minimum cost per day to feed one person these days?
  • The report Budgeting for Basic Needs and Budgeting for Minimal Adequate Standard of Living is updated on an annual basis.
  • The Guide Eating Well at Low Cost will give you an idea, with the help of reference prices, of the cost that should be allowed to each food category in your food basket, varying according to your needs and family size.

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