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Protecting children from the sun: are clothes enough?

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By : Nurturing Life's Nutrition Team | Montreal Diet Dispensary

Yes for the body parts that are covered, but it is the combination of clothing, hat and sunscreen that provides the best protection.

The skin of babies and children is thinner and more sensitive than adults and burns more easily. Moreover, children are more at risk than adults to suffer from sunstroke or dehydration caused by the sun and heat.


For babies that are younger than 6 months old, sunscreen can be applied in small amounts, avoiding eyes and mouth. However, it remains preferable not to expose them to the sun and instead protect them with clothing and a hat. We need to pay particular attention because even in the shade, the baby’s skin can be exposed to sunlight reflected on sand, water or snow.


From the outset, it is recommended not to expose children to the sun between 11 am and 16 pm (when the sun is at its strongest) and at all times, protect them with clothing, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Prefer sunscreen that is SPF 30 and over. It should be applied 20 minutes before the child goes out to play and several times again during the day. The nose, ears and the top of the feet should not be forgotten! Avoid only the eyes. For swimming, water-resistant sunscreen is preferable.


The sun allows the skin to produce vitamin D. However, because of the protective measures taken against the sun and the various factors that influence the synthesis of vitamin D by the skin, it is important to use diet or supplementation to make sure we get all the vitamin D the body needs.