Montreal Diet Dispensary launches its “Help us nurture life” campaign

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Montreal, December 2, 2015 – Today the Montreal Diet Dispensary launches its 2015-2016 fundraising campaign “Help us nurture life”, with the help of Dispensary spokesperson, singer Marie-Elaine Thibert, and campaign president Patricia Fourcand, partner with law firm Miller Thomson.

“We are delighted that Marie-Elaine Thibert and Patricia Fourcand, two women who excel in their professions will support the Dispensary’s mission by their involvement in our 2015-2016 fundraising campaign, the goal of which is to raise $125,000. These funds will ensure that the Dispensary can continue to provide nutritional and social support to some 1500 pregnant women at risk in the greater Montreal region”, emphasizes Jackie Demers, Dispensary Executive Director.

All of the funds raised will go to these mothers and their babies, as individual and group consultations lead by supportive professionals promoting adequate nutritional habits, providing access to nutritious food and supporting breastfeeding.  Moreover, the funds raised will allow empowerment of the families and their well-being, through community support and creation of a knowledge network.

“As a young mother, I understand how the health of the baby one carries is dear to our heart. Each year the Dispensary team provides hundreds of babies a chance to be born, in good health, into the arms of parents whose confidence has been strengthened by the support made available to them at the Dispensary.” explains Marie-Elaine Thibert. “In my opinion, supporting the cause of the Dispensary is essential.”

“Helping the Dispensary with its mission of perinatal and social nutrition ensures that babies are born in good health and improves the fate of the community at large. One dollar invested at the Dispensary results in a $17 savings in short term health care costs” estimates Patricia Fourcand, a lawyer specializing in family law.

To make a donation, visit our Website.

NEW WEBSITE same address, more resources!

The Dispensary recently unveiled a new website “More accessible, this new platform is a combination of the original website with Nourrir la vie, a site which is reserved to community workers in contact with perinatal clients, offering to them training and information. Henceforth the general public has access to a number of web articles of interest and to government resources and institutions. Easy to use, web browsers will enjoy consulting it on a regular basis” says Jackie Demers.

In collaboration with the Dispensary workers

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