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June 10th 2019 to May 8th 2020

To celebrate its 140th anniversary, the Dispensary will organize, from June 10th 2019 to May 8th 2020, a series of activities and celebrations that will involve the participation of its mothers and their families, loyal supporters, staff members, partners, donors as well as those who helped shape the organization throughout the years.

We want to seize this opportunity to facilitate the meeting of our past with the history we are writing today and to highlight the important role of those who have made and continue to make the Dispensary the lead organization in social nutrition in Quebec.” says Jackie Demers, P.Dt., Executive Director of the Dispensary.

Dates to remember (more information for each activity will be sent out when the time comes):

  • AGA – Grand Reunion – 140th Anniversary: Monday, June 10th, 2019
  • Défi sportif / Baby Race: Saturday 19th October 2019
  • Christmas of yesteryear: Wednesday, December 18th 2019
  • Social nutrition on the Dispensary’s menu: March 2020 (day to be confirmed)
  • Mother’s Day Benefit Luncheon – Forever Young: Friday, May 8th 2020

Do you wish to contribute or participate in the success of one of our anniversary activities (registration, financial support, committee of honour), or even organize an activity for the benefit of the Dispensary? Contact us, it will be our pleasure to welcome you among the members of our family or accompany you in your approach and your project.




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