The Montreal Diet Dispensary is an agency that offers nutritional and social support to pregnant women in need to help them to give birth to, and raise, babies in good health.


To achieve its mission, the Dispensary has the following objectives:

  • reduce the number of disadvantaged low birthweight babies;
  • encourage and support breastfeeding;
  • through a social nutrition approach, prepare families to take charge of their physical and mental wellbeing and at the same time favour their social integration.

Principal strategies

  •  – 6 months to + 6 months is the focus for the Dispensary’s expertise to provide nutritional counselling to pregnant women, according to the “Higgins Method”©, support them during breastfeeding, and offer parents both pre and postnatal group activities.
  • Work with complementary organizational partners before, during and after the Dispensary’s involvement with families
  • Improve Dispensary practices on an ongoing basis through innovation, evaluation and documentation


Our goal is babies born in good health into families prepared to welcome them.