The Montreal Diet Dispensary is a community organization whose mission is to foster optimal infant health through social nutrition interventions with pregnant women in precarious situations, one pregnant woman, infant and family at a time.


  • Reduce the number of babies born with low birth weights.
  • Encourage and support breastfeeding.
  • Empower families to take charge of their physical and mental well-being; foster their social integration.
  • Make information and training on subjects related to perinatal nutrition accessible to practitioners throughout Quebec.


  • From six months before birth to six months after : provide nutritional counselling to pregnant women based on the Higgins Method©, offer breastfeeding support and provide parents with pre- and postnatal group activities.
  • Work with complementary partners before, during and after our involvement in the lives of the families we serve.
  • Continue to improve our practices through innovation, assessment and documentation.
  • Highlight the experiences and skills of Dispensary families.


  • Because we are guided by notions of human dignity and we support each individual’s free will and commitment to be the architect of his or her own fulfilment, we demonstrate humanism.
  • At the Dispensary, fairness is exhibited through access to the free services we provide to pregnant women in precarious situations and to new mothers, without judgment and regardless of their background or living conditions, as well as the way in which we integrate these women into our organizated processess. The principle of fairness is also reflected in the relationships between our team members.
  • At the Dispensary, commitment, innovation and participative collaboration are showcased by the organization’s members and staff, as well as the mothers we serve, the members of their families and others close to them, when they combine their experience, expertise and commitment to provide services of the highest quality.
  • When our organization, pregnant women in precarious situations and their family members find the strength to bounce back and regain confidence in the future after being faced with difficult situations, we call this resilience.


To provide each child with an equal chance to achieve self-fulfillment.


To consult our strategic direction 2018-2022, please click here.