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Perinatal nutrition and all things related, let’s talk!

A multitude of information is available on the internet.  Below is a selection of links to reliable information that complements that presented on Nurturing life. 

Government or institutional resources

  • Health Canada: national resource on many subjects concerning health including nutrition and diet, especially information relating to the Canadian Food Guide, food safety, and Canadian food regulations.  Aimed at the public and health professionals
    • Prenatal nutrition: Health Canada webpage providing nutritional recommendations for pregnancy and other tools for health professionals and pregnant women..
    • Canadian Food Guide : Health Canada portal for understanding, downloading or ordering the Canadian Food Guide and related resources..
    • Food Safety : Subscribe to a food safety news bulletin for updates on warnings and recalls..
  • Public Health Agency of Canada: Canadian government agency responsible for various subjects related to promoting good health for Canadians, notably pertaining to diet
    • Canada Perinatal Nutrition Program: Public Health Agency of Canada program heading initiatives to promote healthy diet in pregnancy and early childhood as a means of improving childhood health.
  • Santé et Services sociaux: Quebec Ministry website providing nutritional information for different groups, such as pregnant women, newborn babies, diabetics.

 Nutrition and general health

  • Extenso: Webpage on nutrition of Nutrium, the nutrition reference centre of the University of Montreal, focused on general nutrition.  For the public and health professionals..


  • World Health Organisation (WHO): section of the United Nations (UN) responsible for questions relating to health.  This site refers to the WHO policy on breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding Committee for Canada:  national organisation responsible for the hospital initiative Friends of Babies of WHO/UNICEF in Canada.
  • Newman Breastfeeding Clinic and Institute: website of the institute of Canadian paediatrician Jack Newman, specializing in breastfeeding. This site provides a list of information factsheets for health professionals and the public.

Child Development

  • reference website on global child development, including a section on food, developed by the Fondation Lucie and André Chagnon.  For the public.
  • reference website of current and futur parents for everything that concerns pregnancy, maternity and family life

Food Allergies

  • Association québécoise des allergies alimentaires (AQAA): Quebec reference centre bringing together health professionals, institutions and members of the agrofood industry, to offer support and information to the public and to health professionals.  This Association also administers the Certified Allergen Control Program CAC).
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA):  A federal agency responsible, amongst other things, for the safety of commercial food in Canada. CFIA publishes a booklet for consumers about food allergies, downloadable from the website.
    • Food recalls and allergy alerts: subscribe to an email alert system to receive up to date information on food recalls due to health risks or warnings about food allergies.

Food Planning

  • recipes, planning tools, tips and health bulletins on diet for preschool children,  designed by Extenso, for nursery schools.
  • recipes, weekly menus based on food specials, shopping lists, information bulletins. For the public.
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