Can my baby eat whole eggs starting at six months of age?

Updated on: Jan 11, 2021

Yes, children can eat whole eggs as soon as they are introduced to solid foods, regardless of any predisposition to allergies. 

For many years, it was recommended to wait until a child was one year old before introducing egg whites; as this was thought to prevent the onset of an egg allergy. However, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that introducing eggs after the age of one reduces the risk of an egg allergy.    

On the other hand, certain studies suggest that the later the introduction of an allergenic food, the higher the risk of developing an allergy to that particular food. 

This new recommendation applies to all infants, regardless of whether their immediate family members have allergies.  

How to introduce eggs to an infant 

The egg should be cooked thoroughly before giving it to the baby, so no runny yolks! The egg can be hard-boiled and mixed with water, breast milk or formula. It can be added to a fruit or vegetable puree. Alternatively, pieces of omelet can be offered for the child to eat with their fingers.   


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