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Up to nearly 50% of the Dispensary’s services are funded by donations from companies, organizations and individuals.

100% of your Donation is invested in services provided to the mothers! Donate now!

  • $ 1 000 :  prenatal nutritional evaluation  and follow up + food and vitamin supplements + breastfeeding consultations.
  • $ 500 : nutritional evaluation and follow up + food and vitamin supplements throughout the pregnancy of the mother.
  • $ 250 : a low-cost healthy cooking workshop animated by a nutritionist for six families.
  • $ 100 : a consultation with a nutritionist or with a certified breastfeeding consultant
  • $ 50 :  a support to our activities groups

You can also donate another amount of your choice.

Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you for giving, the greatest gift of all: a healthy start in life for thousands of babies!

Please take note that the list of our donors is never sold or given out.  Our charitable organisation number is: 11888 5920 RR0001


The Dispensary accepts donations, sponsorships from corporations and private foundations. Thank you for giving. 

Life Partners

Make anPhoto Josée Charbonneau annual donation of $1 000 (the annual cost of prenatal care at the Dispensary) and  support a pregnant woman in need to have access to all of the Dispensary’s services : nutritional counselling and support (consultations with a nutritionist, food supplements), group activities, daycare, as well as social and community support and, most of all, to give birth to healthy babies!  

Click here for more informations and to discover about the recognition program offered to our Life Partners.  Thanks in advance!

* The donation of $1 000 is for one year and can be paid monthly ($ 83,50 per month)

Be part of our Life Partners program now!

In-Memoriam Donations

Do you wish to offer a donation to the Dispensary in memory of a loved one?

To do so, please complete the form online « Memoriam Donation». Payments by credit card, bank withdrawal or cheque are accepted.

Please let us know if you would like the family of the deceased to be informed of this donation.

If you do not have access to a computer, you can send your donation by cheque with your name, address, phone number, as well as the contact details of the family (if applicable) to the following address:  2182 Lincoln  Avenue,  Montréal (Québec)  H3H 1J3

 Testamentary gifts, life insurance donations and donations of publicly traded shares and stock options

Contact us and we will assist you: 514 937 5375.

Note : All of the administratifs cost of the Dispensary are covereted by his public founders.