Annual Fundraising Campaign 2019

Our 2019 annual fundraising campaign  is now underway.!

By making a donation today, you’ll enable the Dispensary to help pregnant women in vulnerable situations receive proper nutrition during pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies: a good start in life!

Donations that carry weight!

  • Ten percent of babies born to families living in poverty have low birth weights (less than 2,500 g). The services provided by the Dispensary help reduce that percentage by half.
  • A recent study by the Department of Economics at UQAM’s School of Management revealed that a baby whose birth weight is lower than 2,500 g generates an average of $4,600 in hospital-related costs. The interventions carried out at the Dispensary result in significant cost savings for our health care system.
  • Every baby who is born healthy today will contribute to a stronger society tomorrow. Every parent who starts out with confidence will feel less anxious and be a more effective parent.

Our mothers and their newborns are counting on your generosity. Thank you for making our 2019 annual fundraising campaign a success.

Your donations in action:

  • $1,000: prenatal nutritional assessment and follow-up + vitamins and nutritional supplements + breastfeeding consultations
  • $500: nutritional assessment and follow-up + vitamins and nutritional supplements for the entire duration of a mother’s accompaniment by the Dispensary
  • $250: a “healthy cooking at low cost” course provided by a nutritionist to six families
  • $100: one consultation with a nutritionist or a certified breastfeeding consultant

Thank you for donating and helping us nurture life!