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What prenatal and postnatal supplements can be found on the market?

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By : Nurturing Life's Nutrition Team | Montreal Diet Dispensary
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There are more and more multivitamins made or sold for pregnancy (generally covers the periods from preconception to postpartum).

  • Materna ™ (Centrum ™) is a trademark, probably the most common one, of supplements of vitamins and minerals designed for pregnant women available without prescription.
  • Generic brands also offer similar products:
    • Personnelle™ at Jean Coutu®
    • Spectrum Life™ at Pharmaprix®
    • Option + at Uniprix
    • Kirkland Signature ™ at Costco
  • Other manufacturers offer multivitamins sold for pre- and postnatal periods with different formulations (Jamieson ™, Sisu ™).
  • The PregVit® prenatal multivitamin arrived on the market in recent years; it however requires a prescription.

Remember to always respect the dosage and never exceed the stated dose. It is important to check that the selected multivitamin contains an identification number on the label or DIN (drug identification number) or NPN (Natural Product Number), which ensures its safety (ensuring that it is not toxic or harmful to health).

Also check that the product is suitable for pregnant women reading the warnings on the label. For example, it should not be written, “is not suitable for pregnant women.”

The different multivitamins found on the market are equivalent. The important thing is to take a multivitamin from the moment of conception until the postpartum period. The choice of the multivitamin, as it is complete, will depend on its characteristics (price, with or without gelatin, etc.), and especially on the tolerance of the mother.



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